Welcome to Kandy Girl Cosmetics



Kandy Girl Cosmetics is a premiere cosmetics line. Kandy Girl was birthed out of my love and fun for makeup.  Kandy Girl is for every PRETTY GIRL. Every pretty girl wants to have fun with their makeup.  And every girl needs to rock KANDY GIRL!  I love makeup and if you are reading this you do too. Quality makeup and fun colors makes your makeup experience fun and exciting.  I am passionate about what I do, and love to spread my love for makeup and cosmetics to you.







A Passion For Cosmetics

Takaya Maddox is the founder and CEO of Kandy Girl Cosmetics. Kandy Girl was birthed out of a genuine love for makeup and fun colors. Makeup is fun and it brings out the girl, in all of us,  who lves to play in the mirror and LOOK PRETTY. BE PRETTY, HAVE FUN, ROCK KANDY GIRL COSMETICS!